about pug

About Pug

My name is Pug and I am a 52 year old heterosexual leatherwoman that identifies as a slave, boy, pup, and masochist. I was collared and have been in service to 'Sir Mr. Wombat', a gay leathermen, since May 2014. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve someone who values traditions yet does not shy away from taking what works for him and leaving the rest behind. Our leather family includes several leather boys. It is a family founded on a consensual power dynamic with our Sir, integrating a mix of service as well as involvement in various aspects of bdsm. I appreciate the opportunity to pass on the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to gain along my leather path. That being said, there is always more to learn even as I share knowledge with others.

Previously, I served as a slave in a gay leather family for a little over a decade and completed that service in August 2010. It was an amazing decade of learning and growth, for which I am honored and grateful to have experienced. I fully respect and honor the path that my former Master must now follow, as a Buddhist monk, even while it diverged from my own. All things happen for a reason and the ending of that dynamic prepared me for the next step of my leather journey, sharing with others what I have learned.

In the mid-90's, for a few years, I was in a heterosexual Dom/sub relationship that evolved into a Master/slave relationship. I hold fondness, appreciation, and respect for my former Dom/Master: we learned so much together during that time.

Residing in Southern California, I have been actively involved in a variety of leather/bdsm organizations and events over the years. I am the founder of the Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG): a picnic event that brings together bdsm and leather folk of all genders and orientations. I find leather/bdsm/kink communities to be filled with amazing people that touch my heart and grace my life with their presence.

I keep an open journal for anyone who wishes to know more about me. The topics can be mundane at times and don't ever seem to match the images of the fantasy novels about power-centric relationships or bdsm, yet the entries are open, honest, and real. This is simply my path. Admittedly, I don't get around to writing in my journal as often as I used to: after so much time at work on a computer, I am disinclined to want to get on the computer at home these days. Still, I believe it is important to share one's journey: we each have a story to tell and you never know when your story may offer some form of help or support to someone else's journey. You will find updates now and again. I do hope to get back into providing updates on a bit more consistent basis, so keep checking back in! You can find my journal if you click the link titled slave pug's livejournal.

A Path

Each person has an individual path to follow. No path is "better" than another path: it is a matter of finding the path that is right for you.

Being of service is not a selfless act, indeed, it is a selfish act to pursue a heart's desire to do that which brings it pleasure: serving someone. Service is not a desire to be viewed as a lowly unworthy creature, instead, it is the desire to serve an individual that will understand, and be willing to take, the responsibility to guide and nurture your personal growth through a path of service.

My path of service is not something I approach lightly: I am a capable individual that is highly independent. For myself, connection is found through service offered up to someone who willingly respects and accepts that service. The person I commit my service to is someone who finds connection through offering opportunities for service as a means of personal growth for both himself as well as me.

Identifying as 'boy', for me, is more about energy and demeanor than about physical features. While I identify as a boy, I am still very much a female and happy with my gender.

Play Time

Play? Did someone say play??? Bondage, floggings, punching, stun guns, temp piercings, hot wax, knife play, violet wands, fire play, hoods, gags, cages, biting, kicking, trampling, a firm grip of the hair or on the throat, a leather boot pressing down on the back... these are a few of my favorite things! Oh, and puppy play, of course! *curly tail wag. In case you didn't already know, a pug is a breed of dog that has a smooshy nose, curly tail and often communicates through *snortles. You can find out more about pup play if you click the link titled pup stuff.

There is no rule saying you can't be playful and have laughter and joy along this, or any other, path of life. If you stumble across such a rule, laugh at it.

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