presenter bio

Presenter Bio

Pug is a heterosexual leatherwoman that identifies as a slave, pup, boy, and masochist. Collared in 2014 by Sir Mr. Wombat, she is proud to call him Sir and to be in his service as one of his boys. Pug also holds a deep, longstanding bond with her Alpha, Rocko, who is an active leatherboy in the Phoenix, Arizona leather community.

She is the founder and producer of the Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG), an annual picnic event that brings together bdsm and leather folk of all genders and orientations. Over the years Pug has been actively engaged in a variety of leather and bdsm organizations. She has been involved with almost every aspect of producing and implementing leather/bdsm events and contests as well as having been a judge for numerous leather title contests across the country. Pug has also served as an instructor for the APEX/Butchmanns Experience Academy.

A presenter at countless bdsm and leather events around the U.S. and Canada, she speaks on topics such as fear, protocol, Master/slave dynamics, spirituality and kink, blood play, Kavadi, hot wax mummification, and pup play. Her pup writings have appeared in Jack Rinella's book, "Partners in Power" as well as in "Pulp" magazine and previously on the LeatherDOG website. Her other bdsm-related writings have previously appeared on websites such as RobertDante's Boudoir Noir, Dr. Susan M. Block's Sexuality Resource Library, as well as her own website

Pug’s long history of involvement and activism in both the pansexual and gay bdsm/leather communities led to her being interviewed as part of the Women’s Leather History Project which is housed at the Leather Archives and Museum. She has also been honored to receive the 2003 Person of the Year Award, Southland Honors 2004 Most Supportive Individual Award, Southwest Leather Conference 2004 Community Service Award, Southland Honors 2006 Chairman's Award, BOLD 2013 Community Service Award, and Pantheon of Leather 2014 President's Award, Payasos 2015 “Leather Woman of the Year” Award, LA Pup 2016 'Legendary Pup' Award, Southwest Leather Conference 2019 Leatherwoman's Heart Award.

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